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Kenya’s Computer Retail Space is Far Too Broken

Kenya as a country has a big problem. I'm not talking about the kind of political or economic problems you're thinking of. When it...

PC Shipments to Middle East and Africa Region Take a Beating in Q4 2015

Globally, the PC has seen its worst days. Things are not any better in certain regions as well as the latest report from the...

Acer top vendor worldwide as Chromebooks expected to sell 7.3 million units in 2015

Samsung made the decision to stop selling Chromebooks in key markets like Europe due to low sales numbers. That decision has seen the company...

Acer has no plans for a Windows Phone device

The last time Acer made a Windows Phone device was back in 2011 when the company released the W4, a device running Windows Phone...
Asus S200 Vivobook

Asus and Acer Mulling a Merger

  Acer has been in the news recently because of its Liquid S2 smartphone which has added a lot of credibility to the company’s ability...
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

8 inch tablets to become mainstream after Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

The 8 inch tablet might just become mainstream and impact on the sames of both 10.1 inch and 7 inch tablets. This is according...