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Roaming Charges

Check Out How Ridiculously Expensive Roaming Charges Can Get For Kenyans on Safaricom and Airtel

Whether you are travelling for business purposes or pleasure, the costs of maintaining communication ties with clients and friends are prohibitively expensive. In a...

Airtel slashes Roaming Charges for Subscribers across 16 African Countries

Airtel has unveiled a product dubbed “One Airtel” that will allow Airtel Kenya customers to enjoy a flat rate when roaming across 16 countries...
Airtel Roaming

Airtel Is Now A Shilling Cheaper Than Safaricom When Roaming In Uganda

Hot on the heels of Safaricom which following an agreement with regional mobile carriers in what is called the One Network Area Agreement...
Airtel Roaming

Airtel Also Reduces Costs Of Kenyans Roaming In Rwanda

Hot on the heels of Safaricom, Airtel has also announced a 60% price reduction of roaming costs on calls to Kenyans in Rwanda. The...