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Smartphone Makers are Still Releasing Phones Running Android Nougat ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Google has been quiet over Android Distribution numbers for longer than expected. The company did not update the distribution numbers for March 2018, maybe...
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Android Nougat is Now the Most Popular Version of Android

18-Month old Android Nougat takes the crown as the most popular Android version as of the February Android Distribution numbers. I know this is...

Three Months of Android Oreo and Two-Year-Old Marshmallow Still Rules

Last month, we saw Android Oreo make its first appearance on the Android Distribution stats with a 0.2% mark that may seem small but...

Oreo Makes a Debut on Android’s Distribution Numbers

Month on month we are reminded of the problem that is Android, fragmentation. Google has released the latest stats for Android distribution and there's...

Android Nougat Gains Market Share but Oreo is Missing in Action in September Distribution Numbers

Yesterday (September 12, 2017) was, fair to say, Apple's day and as everyone was focused on what Apple had to say about their new...

Android Nougat Stands at an Embarassing 13.5% Market Share as Android O Beckons

Android distribution numbers for the month of August have been released and honestly, it is nothing to smile about. Older Android versions such as...

Marshmallow Still Tastier than Nougat Reveals July 2017 Android Distribution Stats

We still don't have a name for Android O yet and it is bothering me, but as we wait for mother Google to decide...

Nougat Sees Slight Bump, Marshmallow Still at the Top According to June 2017 Android Distribution Stats

Android Developers website has unveiled the latest numbers in terms of version distribution for the Android platform for the month of June. This has...

Six Year Old Android Gingerbread Shows Signs of Growth in May 2017 Android Distribution Numbers

You read that right, six year old Android 2.3 Gingerbread just hit 1% distribution up from 0.9% last month. How?! As that sinks in, Android Nougat...
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Android Nougat is Just Shy Of 5% in Google’s Android Distribution for April 2017

It's April people. Like for real, and we just hit 5 percent on the ratio scale of Android distribution. Wait, it's actually 4.9 percent. Last...

Android Nougat Slowly Crawling Out of the Incubator in Latest Android Distribution Numbers

The latest Android distribution figures from Google show that Android Nougat has made a few steps forward and is now installed in over 2%...