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twitter bans cryptocurrency ads

Twitter Will Start Banning Cryptocurrency Ads From Today

We have seen a cryptocurrency boom where thanks to the success of Bitcoin, other versions have erupted and now we have a ton of...

WhatsApp Reinstated in Brazil Shortly After Ban

The whole drama between WhatsApp and the state of Brazil is not yet over. Yesterday, it was reported that the social network was given...

WhatsApp has been Blocked in Brazil for the Third Time in Under a Year

WhatsApp is a really popular chatting platform in Brazil but it is not that popular with the authorities as reports indicate it has been...

Brazil bans WhatsApp again but for a different reason this time

WhatsApp's influence is nothing to be scoffed at and that is why Facebook paid $19 billion for its relatively huge user base of a...
kenya film classification board

Kenyan Twitter gets all Sarcastic over Ezekiel Mutua’s comments

The Kenya Film Classification Board has stirred a lot of talk around social media on various things it wants to regulate. They burst into...
north korea bans social media

North Korea is reportedly blocking access to social media websites

Social media has brought together people from a certain society together and even made the world more connected than ever. This is power on...

Turkey bans Social Media Networks over an Explosion

Yesterday, there was an unfortunate incident where there was an explosion in Turkey's capital, Ankara. It led to over 30 people being killed and...

Telegram gains 1 million users after WhatsApp was banned in Brazil

Whatsapp is one of the most popular chatting platforms in the world with over 900 million active users in the last count but its...

Indian Government Okays Internet Porn Temporarily After Previous Ban

A few days ago, the Indian government had issued a directive to blacklist over 800 porn websites  and this move was met with harsh...
Samsung Apple court case

Apple court victory helped Galaxy S 3 outsell iPhone 4S in the US

Apple victory against Samsung in the recent Patent court case could just have been a blessing in disguise for Samsung in the short term,...
Sina Weibo ban

China in move to censor Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter

China intends to tame Sina Weibo microbloggers China aims to tame conversations happening in China's biggest microblogging site Sina Weibo(Weibo actually means microblogging, and...