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Fuliza M-Pesa

Fuliza, Safaricom’s M-Pesa Loan Facility Goes Live After CBK Approval

At the beginning of the month, Safaricom announced Fuliza, an overdraft facility on M-Pesa that would give M-Pesa customers access to an overdraw on their account...

CBA’s Loop Gets Fresh Coat of Paint, Mobile Loans and Transaction Fee Cuts in Tow

The Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) launched its online financial service Loop in March 2017. The product was, and is still targeting young adults...

CBA Targets to Loop In Millenials With New Lifestyle Banking Product

For those who live online, and by online I mean Twitter and Facebook, you have most likely come across this hashtag #UnbankYourself. If not, this...

M-Shwari Propels Commercial Bank of Africa Profits up by 53%

In 2012, Safaricom partnered with Commercial Bank of Africa and unveiled M-shwari a product that runs off Mpesa and in the menu.  M-shwari allows...

Mokash, the M-Shwari Equivalent in Uganda has 600,000 Users in 2 Months of Launch

In January 2016, Commercial Bank of Africa  announced it had applied for a license from the Central Bank of Uganda with the view of launching...

Safaricom launches revolutionary mobile banking product M-Shwari

In the words of Micheal Joseph, former Safaricom CEO,  middle and low income earners want credit and finance services available for their counterparts up...

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