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IBM Caught Scrapping Flickr Photos Without User’s Consent

IBM Diversity in Faces way of collecting photos for its facial recognition tech is breaching the privacy of a lot of Flickr users. Facial recognition...
Kamal Budhabatti Craft Silicon

Little’s Not So Little Innovation Plan to Overtake the Competition

Craft Silicon’s ride-hailing service Little was introduced in Kenya a year or so ago in a bid to have a cut of the market...

This Software Will Enable Lecturers to Know When Their Students Are Not Paying Attention

A few months ago when I was still a student, I dreaded online classes. I know myself, I hate reading and if I didn't...
iPhone 6

You Could Soon Unlock Your iPhone With A Selfie

Apple has applied and received a patent for unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition. In its patent application, Apple says using a mobile...
google faces patent

New Google patent will have users unlock phones by making faces

For some time now, users have been able to unlock their phones by using their faces. This came together with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus,...