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Part 2: 83% of Kenyans Encountered and Shared Fake News With Friends

LinkedIn LinkedIn has been growing in the last couple of years. The Microsoft-owned social media platform is for professionals where they can list their credentials...

WhatsApp Message Forwarding Restriction Is Now Live

With social media platforms trying to fight misinformation especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp took the effort to limit forwarding messages...
Ajua survey

2 in 10 Kenyans Believe Everything They Consume Online as Kenya Tackles Fake News – Ajua

There is a joke that any family WhatsApp group with parents tagging along is the epicenter of fake news because parents are new to...

Facebook Has a Tool for Advertisers That Can Potentially Be Used to Spread Disinformation

There has been a continued fight against disinformation and misinformation being spread on Facebook but now, the Mark Zuckerberg-owned platform has one tool that...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Charges At Google For “Rigging” Search Results Against Him

With a two-part tweet, Google has gone from one of "America's greatest companies" as President Trump called it back in July while defending them...
whatsapp limiting forwarded messages

WhatsApp is Limiting Forwarding Messages in India Due to Fake News

Towards the end of last month, WhatsApp announced a feature that should have been standard since the beginning: labelling forwarded messages. We get tons of messages...
high court terms section of kica act unconstitutional

Kenya High Court Suspends Sections of Contentious Cybercrimes Law

High Court has suspended several clauses that according to petitioners contravened the Kenyan constitution.
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Facebook Will Block Ads From Pages That Share Fake News

Fake news has become a perennial problem on social networking sites and some people have been profiting from such ventures. Facebook has been taking a...
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South Africa Is Contemplating Regulating Social Media And Tackling Fake News

The rise of social media usage in the last decade has caught governments all over the world unawares since it has made communication easier...

Facebook And Google Take Their Fight Against Fake News to France

Fake news has been a problem both on traditional and digital media, but for the latter thanks to its impact on the US general...

Facebook’s NewsFeed Tweak Will Punish Fake News And Clickbait

Facebook's NewsFeed gets tweaks from time to time from the company where they inject updated algorithms that change how items are ranked. Although the NewsFeed...

Snapchat Sets Out Rules To Combat Fake News And Censor Graphic Content On Discover

Snapchat is the latest major platform to come out in the war against fake news
less than 10% of Facebook users are from Africa

Kenya Should Get The Fake News Filter For The Elections Just Like Germany

They should roll out this feature to countries like Kenya soon

Washington Post Built A Tool to Fact Check Trump’s Tweets

Credibility of a news organization is one of their main assets and due to the influx of reports of fake news on networks like...

Facebook Has Staged An Outright War Against Fake News

Facebook has staged a war against fake news from appearing on its News Feed

Facebook Needs To Solve The Fake News Problem Fast

Fake news is a weed that needs to be uprooted fast by Facebook to maintain its integrity.

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