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Eazzy App

Finserve Updates Eazzy Banking App with More Security Features

Equity Bank's mobile app Eazzy Banking has been partially out for a couple of weeks now. The app, which has proved its usefulness to...
yetumoji stickers

YetuMoji is One of the Coolest Things About mKey

YetuMoji is one of the many features you can find on Finserve's mKey app and it boasts quite a number of features that you can't find anywhere else.

Finserve’s mKey Processes Kes 5.2 Million in Mobile Loans as Downloads Hit 100K

Finserve Africa launched mKey, its financial services app more than two months ago. The product, which has been mentioned widely across social platforms, targets...

Finserve’s mKey Continues to Evolve, Drops Dependency on Keyboard

By now, most of us have heard of or used Finserve Africa’s latest product, mKey. The all-encompassing app, which integrates social, financial and lifestyle...
Jack Ngare

Finserve Launches Robust Keyboard App With Mobile Loans, Payments and More

For some time now, Finserve has been teasing a new product that went live earlier today. Dubbed mKey, the keyboard app is a one-of-a-kind...
Finserve Jenga

Finserve Relaunch Brings New Jenga APIs and Payments Gateway for Africa Businesses

Finserve is what Jack Ngare, Managing Director, describes as a giant startup. Giant in that, Finserve is a fully-owned subsidiary of Equity Group (not...

Equity Bank’s Equitel named Best Mobile Banking Platform in Banking Awards

In 2015, Equity Bank through its subsidiary Finserve Africa limited launched its MNVO called Equitel. An MNVO is a mobile carrier that comes in, leases...