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samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is Not Sure How Many Galaxy Folds They Have Sold

Early last year, Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold which was one of the few folding smartphones that eventually shipped. However, when the phones were finally shipped...
samsung galaxy fold

Samsung Teases Imminent Galaxy Fold Launch in Kenya

Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy Fold smartphone in Kenya and it is sooner than you think

Another Misfortune Hits Galaxy Fold Production as Japan Bans Export of Its Components to South Korea

Just as things are looking good for Huawei following its lifted ban, Samsung's production of the Galaxy Fold is about to hit a snag....
samsung galaxy fold

iFixit Takes Down Galaxy Fold Teardown at Samsung’s Request

iFixit is a company that is known for their Teardowns where they strip away a device down to its various internals for people to see. it...
samsung galaxy fold display issues

Samsung Galaxy Fold Has Major Display Issues According to Reviewers

Samsung announced a bunch of phones back in February and the star of the show was the Galaxy Fold. This was the glimpse of the future...
samsung galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold is a Good First Gen Product That You Should Skip

Samsung revealed their folding phone last year in November to developers and we were waiting to see it in detail of what they were...

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