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Samsung vs Apple

Samsung Galaxy S III better than iPhone in Customer Satisfaction: US, UK

Samsung has already hit the sweet spot of being number one in smartphones shipments, edging out Apple, the long time rival. Now in another...

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Announced

You can say that the demons have been awoken but since the record-breaking Galaxy S II never really slept and continued to gain traction...
Galaxy S III 20 million

Samsung still breaking records, sells 20million Galaxy S IIIs in 100 days

Things are still looking up for Samsung, even with a bad season in the California courts.. Previous sales records are a thing to go...
Galaxy S III Hotel checkin Olympics

See how Samsung Smart Hotel solution for Olympics works

Samsung, the official worldwide Olympic partner for mobile communications went further than just provide wireless telecommunications equipment for the Olympic guys, but made hotel...
Galaxy Ace

Is 3.5inch as a standard for smartphones getting edged out?

For a while it had been assumed that 3.5 inch is the standard screen size for the smartphone, more-so because of  Apple which was...
Samsung galaxy S II LTE

Samsung announces Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9, both LTE

Samsung just announced two pieces of art to its product portfolio, these being LTE versions of Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Tab...