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Galaxy S 4 mini colours

Samsung’s Galaxy S Series to be Rivaled by New Galaxy F Series?

Every device manufacturer has a tag for its premium devices and different ones for its midrange and low end devices. That has been the...
Samsung Galaxy 100 million

Samsung hits the 100 million mark with the Galaxy S smartphone Series

Late last year Samsung announced very nice stats of shipments for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. LG, not to be left...
Galaxy S III 20 million

Samsung still breaking records, sells 20million Galaxy S IIIs in 100 days

Things are still looking up for Samsung, even with a bad season in the California courts.. Previous sales records are a thing to go...
Samsung Galaxy S premium updates

Samsung Galaxy S to get ICS like features

Samsung Galaxy S will get some value afterall, this comes after the long history of user complaints that they were actually ignored by Samsung...