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samsung galaxy s10

These Are My 7 Favourite Tech Products for 2019

I've used quite a number of tech products in 2019 and I have several favourites in different categories.
samsung galaxy s10 night mode

Samsung Galaxy S10 Finally Gets ‘Night Mode’ From New Update

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is Samsung's new flagship phone for the year and the company has been updating it steadily. The Galaxy S10 has...
S10 5G Dxomark

DxOMark Says This Samsung Phone’s Camera is as Good as the Huawei P30 Pro

It is no doubt that smartphone cameras have become really good in the past decade and now rival dedicated cameras. They have moved on...
galaxy s10 hole punch wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Hole Punch Cameras Inspire Creative Wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced towards the end of last month and it confirmed the hole punch selfie camera on the display. The...
samsung galaxy s10 preorder kenya

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e Get Preorder Pricing in Kenya

The latest Samsung Galaxy S10 phones have been announced and they look quite stunning. in 2019, Samsung decided to announce three mass market models,...

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