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State Officials or Entities That Block Kenyans Risk 1 Million Fine and Jail Time

Social networking sites have inbuilt tools to manage interactions. Block and mute tools are standard and are used to limit interactions of people who...

Official Kenya Government Emails Used to Send Out Spam Messages

When you think of spam messages, the government is not the first thing that comes to your mind, well until now. A UK-based blog,...

Kenyan Techie Contracted to Work in Ethiopia Dies in Jail amid Diplomatic Fails

Yesterday, Nailab CEO Sam Gichuru brought to light an issue that had been ongoing for more than two years. The story is that of...

Kenya Government Opens Telegram Channel

The Kenyan government has proactively embraced social media in a bid to connect with Kenyans on the digital platform. They have several verified accounts...

The British goverment apparently spent over $100,000 on a Snapchat filter

Snapchat is one of the biggest social networks in the world with a reported user base of over 100 million users and one of...
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Facebook will Warn you if Your Government is Spying on you [I know, right!]

One of the biggest problems that face any online based company is maintaining the integrity of their customer’s information and this means security is...