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Nokia Store Shuts Down Support for Symbian and MeeGo Apps

Q4 2012, Nokia released its earnings report and announced that support for Symbian would be withdrawn. At the same time, the firm announced that...
jolla phone

First Sailfish OS Smartphone by Jolla revealed

Jolla has finally come of age and they have something to show of their months of work for the platform that was killed by...
Nokia Asha 501

Is it safe to say that Nokia now has two Smartphone platforms?

Nokia boss Stephen Elop said once upon a time that Nokia's strategy for smartphones is Windows phone and Windows phone alone. And that Ashas...

Is The World Ready for New Mobile Operating Systems?: Jolla Sailfish

Launched by a group of former Nokia employees who were previously involved with the abandoned MeeGo, Sailfish is one of the upcoming mobile OSs...
tizen OS

Its neither webOS or meego but Tizen for Samsung

There has been alot of speculation as to what Samsung intends to "own" in the long term. Speculation that came about as a result...
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Samsung taking over meego from Intel [RUMOUR]

Wouldnt it be a takeover of the season? I mean, we all know what meego is capable of, look at the Nokia N9 and...
Nokia N9

Nokia N9, a meego powered device announced at Nokia connections

Nokia N9, is nolonger a rumour, and Nokia now have a meego device that has been all talk of speculation. The phone was announced...