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Lumia 630 dual SIM

Microsoft is offering ex-Nokia employees in China a free Lumia 630 as incentive to resign

Yes, you read that right. A Lumia 630 in exchange for putting pen to paper to terminate your contract. Only that this is not...
Lumia 930 Kenya

Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 Launched And Priced For Kenya

Launched sometime early April at Microsoft Build, the Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 have finally made their way into Kenya. The devices are the...

Windows Phone 8.1 Gets Update 1; Brings Localized Cortana To More Regions

Windows Phone 8.1 is till rolling out in various regions around the world and since Microsoft now dominates upto at least 95% of the...
Lumia 530

Microsoft posts video comparing Lumia 530 to other smartphones in its class or close

Microsoft did not shy away from telling us clearly what the main focus of its new Lumia 530 really was: the budget smartphone...
Lumia 530

Microsoft Announces Lumia 530 with Pricing As Key Selling Point

It was coming, the successor to the quite successful Lumia 520. Lumia 530 got announced today, Wednesday by Microsoft and is the fourth device...
Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930 Hits The Shelves In Kenya, It’s Actually Well Priced

Nokia's Lumia 930 is finally here. Not yet launched but you can buy one in Nairobi, Kenya. Announced sometime back in April, Lumia 930...
Microsoft headquarters

Microsoft to focus on budget Windows Phone powered Lumias, ends dalliance with Android

Microsoft is in the process of making sweeping changes that include an internal reorganization of the company that will see 18,000 employees exit the...

Microsoft is downsizing, 18,000 staff to face the axe

Microsoft will be laying off 18,000 employees over the next one year most of whom are those who joined the company from its recent...
Lumia Cyan update

Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Cyan Update Hits The Downloads Servers Today

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1 some three months ago, and as has been the trend, Nokia personalizes it further, just like any other OEM...
Nokia Lumia 520

12 million Lumia 520 units activated worldwide so far – Microsoft

Most device makers with the exception of Apple hardly ever give us a per device breakdown of specific numbers when it comes to device...
Mobile Operator Billing Kenya

Mobile Operator Billing In Kenya By Microsoft, What You Need To Know

Microsoft today announced the going live of mobile operator billing for Windows Phone devices in Kenya. Something that many have been looking forward to...
mobile phone

Operator Billing Commences In Kenya To Solve The Apps Payments Situation

Something that has been quite overdue for sometime now, third party platforms Operator Billing will soon be a thing in Kenya. Safaricom has been...

Microsoft to end ‘Mainstream Support’ for Windows Phone 7.8 in 2 months

Between Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 there was Windows Phone 7.8. Yes that Windows Phone version infamous for lack of USSD...
Lumia 830 leak

It’s “Nokia By Microsoft”, Leaked Lumia 830 Branding Says

Things are beginning to take shape in matters branding for Nokia's future products after the Microsoft Acquisition. The Nokia brand is quite strong, stronger...
Jussi Nevanlinna

Nokia Vice President Says Nokia X Range Good Market Performance Warranted Fast Upgrade

The Nokia X2 came out quite fast after the first version, the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL at just four months down...
Lumia 630 dual SIM

Windows Phone 8.1 Powered Lumia 630 Is Now Selling In Kenya, Pre-launch Price Revealed

Lumia 630 was announced in April at Microsoft Build 2014, a developer event by Microsoft. This marked the first event Nokia held after the...
Office 365

Microsoft to Release Office for Android Touch Ahead Of Windows Tablets Version

As found out by The Verge, Microsoft is calling out for Android tablet users to Beta test the Office Touch for Android pre-release on...
Lumia 1520 Kenya

Microsoft Plays Catch Up, To Bring Tile Folders to Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has been hard at work getting Windows Phone, the platform to be up-to expectations by users in other advanced platforms like iOS and...
Microsoft IP Hub

Microsoft Launches Intellectual Property Hub To Get Kenyan Developers Started In IP Acquisition

Only 383 resident patents were filed within Kenya in the period between 2009 and 2012 according to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a figure...
entourage data repair help

Steps to Repair Corrupt Entourage Database

MS Entourage is an email client, which was developed by Microsoft for older versions of Mac OS. The first of its kind was included...

Nokia X Software Platform 2.0 not coming to first generation X devices

With such an upgrade to the Nokia X line, the question is, will Microsoft update the current X devices to version 2 of the...

Opera is now the default browser on Nokia X devices

The Nokia X2 was made official yesterday, four months after the first generation X devices were announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain....

Microsoft Reworks X Platform; Launches Second Generation Nokia X2

Sporting a shiny translucent plastic on the outside and twice the amount of RAM under the hood and a front-facing camera to boot, the...
Kunle Awosika

TukoWorks Youth Employability Portal Launched To Get Kenyan Youth Ahead In Job Market

Microsoft in partnership with Homeboyz Foundation Wednesday launched a portal for youth to access information on available job opportunities and entrepreneurship. The Platform hosted...

Microsoft Devices appoints new VP for Middle East and Africa

Jon French, a former HTC Executive Director is joining Microsoft Devices as the head of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. French was the...
Email uptime

How to keep working when your email system goes down

Email has become a critical tool for organizations of all sizes. It is usually the primary method that businesses use to communicate, as well...

Is The Surface Pro 3 The Right Device For You?

I’ve owned a 64GB Surface RT from April 2013 to December 2013 and upgraded to the 1st Gen Surface Pro 128GB in November 2013....
Nokia X2 Screenshot

New Nokia X2 With Upgraded Specifications coming up?

Nokia X is the device launched by Nokia earlier in the year to counter the critics who felt that Nokia was missing out on...
Microsoft Surface

Microsoft fixing deadly IE security flaw, Windows XP getting the love too

Microsoft is rolling out an update outside the traditional Patch Tuesday batch updates to fix a deadly security vulnerability discovered last Saturday by FireEye Research...

Microsoft OneDrive for Business Users Gets 1TB Upgrade

From the 25GB capacity per user, Microsoft OneDrive for Business will now be offering 1TB at the price of $2.50 per month. The same...
Stephen Elop AMA

Elop Hints At Dropping Nokia Name For Lumia Windows Phone

Still on the AMA (Ask Me Anything), Stephen Elop answered quite a number of questions and one of them naturally was about the Nokia...
Nokia Ad More Colours

Nokia Reminds Us Not To Look At Microsoft Mobile As Everybody Else in New Ad

We all know of the famous acquisition of Espoo by Redmond. As of Friday it has since been closed and Nokia Devices and Services...

Microsoft Completes Nokia Acquisition This Friday

Markets in the US and Europe didn't waste time approving Microsoft's acquisition of the Nokia's device division. The deal which was announced in September...

Microsoft, Varsity Bods – Silicon Savannah Has Head in Clouds, IaaS Preferred Cloud Solution

What is the status of cloud computing in Kenya? The University of Nairobi interviewed 54 organizations to establish issues surrounding cloud computing in the...
Windows XP

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP and Office 2003

Support for Windows XP and Office 2003 has ended, Microsoft announced yesterday. In a statement in its blog, Microsoft said as from April 8th...