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instagram earns a ton of money for facebook

Instagram Adds Photo Sharing On Its Mobile Website

The mobile web experience on Instagram has become an Instagram Lite of sorts
twitter mobile web

Twitter’s Mobile Web is now less iOS-ish in design

Twitter's mobile web is usually one of the first experiences a new user has of the social network. Back in 2011, it was not...
MWEA2013 logo

Third Mobile Web East Africa Conference coming to Nairobi

Mobile Web East Africa is back, with a bang. This is one interactive event that hosts players in the mobile ecosystem in Africa, hosted...
Opera Mini Users

About half of new web users have never used a PC to access the internet

Mobile web browsing has come of age, and we can see this by the fact that in a recent research where 34000 respondents comprising...
Mobile planet

Africa has a bright future in mobile telephony

The mobile phone has evolved really fast over the last ten years. From being just about calls and sms to being a very integral...
crowded shopping mall

Why you will take a little longer before developing that web system

Got this idea during the weekend as i left the mall after doing my shopping. That people look for value for money more as...