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Nokia 220 and Asha 230 to focus on getting the ‘next billion’ mobile phone users

Everyone is focusing on Nokia's entry into the Android market. Besides the Nokia X family of droids, there were other devices that Nokia was...

Nokia’s rumoured “X phone” Android device could launch in March

The rumour mill has been on an overdrive as far as rumours about this budget Android-powered Nokia device goes. To add more to that,...
Nokia Asha 210

Nokia’s Sirius Tablet May Never See Light of Day After All

Some of us are still reeling from the shock that was news that Nokia’s handset business had been acquired by Microsoft. Still we are...
Nokia Asha 205

This is the easiest Nokia Asha 205 you will win

If you have been reading Techweez you must have seen two Nokia Asha devices given away. The first one was a bit technical and...
Nokia 301 Nokia 105

Nokia strengthens its Feature Phone portfolio with the Nokia 105 and 301

As the Finnish Telecommunications giant showed in 2012 when it debut the worlds first 41MP smartphone camera in Barcelona, Nokia once again showed that...

Gaming on Nokia’s Asha feature phones

Nokia has decided to bring the ultimate gaming experience to its customers with the Asha devices. With the 305, 306 and 311, Nokia has...
Nokia Asha Series Launched Kenya

Nokia Launches Asha range of phones in Kenya with a #letsqwerty Movement

Nokia Asha 200, 201, 302 and 303 are now officially launched and available in the Kenyan Market. The launch done yesterday at an auspicious...