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Passkey in Pixel password manager

Pixel Passkey Upgrade is Here, Marking the End of Passwords

In the latest Pixel Feature Drop, Google has unveiled an enhancement to Google Password Manager called passkey upgrades. This new feature enables Pixel users...
Password manager is better than browser storing your password

Browsers Aren’t Secure Password Keepers: Opt for a Password Manager

In the world we live in most items we interact with have a password. The device you reading this on probably has a password....
streaming services

Sharing Your HBO, Netflix, Spotify, and Other Media Subscriptions Is Now Easy With This Chrome Extension

The COVID-19 pandemic has made most of us stay indoors. Most of us have now had to find new ways to entertain ourselves either...
twitter password

Twitter Admits to Locking Some Accounts After Passwords Leaked on the Dark Web

There was a report yesterday where a certain hacker claimed to be selling almost 33 million passwords from Twitter accounts on the dark web. Such...
password query

This list of most popular passwords for 2015 shows that most people really dont care

Passwords have become so essential in our lives thanks to our increased use of the internet. If you have an online account, probably during...

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