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Pocket Bookmarking App

Pocket: Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Bookmarking App

I have been a longtime user of Pocket since late 2015. I'm always following multiple internet rabbit holes and keeping up with open tabs...
Mozilla Pocket

Mozilla Officially Unveils Bookmarking App Pocket in Kenya

Bookmarking service Pocket has been in existence for a long time. The app, which can also be accessed on the web allows its users...

Facebook’s Portal is a Privacy Breach in Waiting, Microsoft Declares Love for Linux, We Learn That Google+ Isn’t Really...

Facebook Portal is the social media giant’s entry into the hardware realm. Facebook launched both Portal and Portal+, their new voice-controlled, video-calling device that...

Mozilla Has Acquired Pocket, But It Will Still Remain As An Independent Subsidiary

If you are an avid user of the web, you may have come across Pocket, which came to solve an issue where you might...

Chrome For Android Adds A Feature That Could Render Pocket Useless

Saving webpages for offline use is now available on the latest Chrome for Android release.

Saving to Facebook is cool but Pocket still wins on one key area

We read a lot of articles online and unlike traditional print, you have the ability to store the latter and read them later. For...

Google Premieres Own Bookmarking “Save to Google” Chrome Extension to Counter “Save to Facebook” Button

At its F8 keynote, Facebook took the time to remind the world of a feature it introduced to the social networking service four years...

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