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New Changes to Safaricom Postpay Make it Less Attractive

Safaricom has been making some ruthless decisions over the last couple of months regarding how its services are dispensed to customers. It introduced data...

VIDEO: Seven Cool Things To Do With The New M-PESA App

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx9cPA3gsFI The M-PESA app is officially here, having been in the pilot phase for more than six months. The app, as its name suggests, packages...
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Safaricom Repackages PostPay Bundles With New Advantage Plus Offering

A while back, Safaricom introduced a post pay package called Karibu Postpay bundle. Through Karibu Tariff, subscribers would for Kshs. 1,000  receive 900...

Safaricom To Let Karibu Postpay Customers Exhaust Their Existing Bundles

Safaricom made the decision to revise terms of the Karibu postpay bundle that angered many and elicited strong reactions from customers on social...
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Safaricom Revises Karibu Postpay Bundle Rates, Sets 30-day Expiry Period

If you are a subscriber of Safaricom's Karibu postpay bundle, you have just 27 days to exhaust your accumulated talk time minutes, SMS and...