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Somalia Launches National Payments QR Code Standard

The Central Bank of Somalia (CBS) unveiled a Unified National Quick Response Code standard. The QR code standard will be known as the Somali...

Mastercard Makes Further In-roads in Somalia with New Ecommerce Card

MyBank, Mastercard and Network International have partnered to launch a new Mastercard debit card that seamlessly enables online shopping in Somalia. The development is part...

Somalia Awards e-passport, national ID card project to HID Global

The Somalia government has been instituting a lot of changes to stabilize matters in the horn of Africa. This has been extended to the...

IFJ, Somali Journalists in Call for Media Freedom

International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) today joined to condemn the country's treatment of press freedom. Somali journalists...

Hopes for Broadband Internet in Somalia Uncertain after Telecom Companies Disagree

Mogadishu received good news in November after Liquid Telecom and Hormud Telecom formed a partnership that promised to connect Somalia to undersea fibre optic...

HORTEL Partners with Liqiud Telecom for Somalia’s First Cross-Border Fibre Link

Somalia can now boasts a fibre link connecting the country to the undersea cables courtesy of liquid telecom. The link crosses the Kenya-Somalia border...

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