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CIA Launches Telegram Channel targeting russians

CIA Seeks Intel from Russians with New Telegram Channel

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an intelligence body for the US government. The agency provides intelligence on foreign countries and global issues to relevant...

Five Tips to Get You Using Telegram Messenger App Like a Pro

Telegram Messenger is one of the best things to happen to smartphone communication, if you have disagreements, please feel free to present them in...

Telegram updates Channels with several new features

Telegram announced Channels 6 months ago and unlike groups, they are meant to convey information of a specific nature like the latest music, cars,...

Telegram Blocks 78 Channels used by ISIS to Spread Propaganda

https://twitter.com/telegram/status/667051485327458304 Telegram launched Channels in September, which are communities around popular things, where enthusiasts can easily get the information. Channels on Telegram allow each of...

Telegram’s New Feature is Channels, Let’s You Broadcast to the World

Telegram is easily our most favourite messaging application here at Techweez and while it still remains in the shadow of another hugely successful messaging app,...