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WeChat, Kaspersky Banned from Canadian Government Devices

WeChat, created by the Shenzhen-based tech giant Tencent, is a widely used app for social media, instant messaging, networking, and payments. It has over...
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Trump Signs Executive Orders Banning TikTok and WeChat

US President Donald Trump signed a pair of executive orders that prohibit US residents from doing business with TikTok and WeChat. Both of these...
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Alipay and WeChat Pay Coming to Kenya via Equitel

The recent influx of Chinese expatriates in the country, thanks to a number of China-funded projects, has seen a spike in a number of...
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Hillary Clinton Wants to Run Facebook,GDPR Mayhem,Spiegel’s Shade and Other Tech Stories from This Week

In this week's Clicked, we delve in how companies are panicking in reaction to GDPR,Papua New Guinea banning Facebook but not with good intentions,Facebook...

China Is Prepping a Home-Baked Wikipedia Rival

China is known for many things, including its policy of internet censorship that prevents people in its mainland from accessing websites that are considered...

How Kenya’s Ongair Goes Global with Enterprise Messaging Intergrator

Let me introduce you to two brilliant people and their simple yet convenient solution. Meet Ongair CEO and CTO, Trevor Kimenye who defines these...

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