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Google Makes it Possible for Yahoo Mail and Outlook Users to Get the Full Gmail Experience

In October 2014, Google updated its Gmail mobile application to support IMAP, Exchange ActiveSync and rival services Yahoo Mail and Outlook. It did not matter...

5 Email Apps Besides Gmail That You Need to Try Out on Your Android Device

Just in case you are tired of Gmail.

Yahoo wants to manage your Gmail account too

A while ago, Yahoo made changes to both the desktop and mobile clients by introducing key features like logging in without a password and...

Yahoo Mail’s new Update Eliminates the Need for a Password

Let us face it: We hate passwords, they are an inconvenience especially if you have to memorize them and everytime you input them incorrectly,...

Yahoo’s New Design Changes Utilize Web View for Mail Attachments

Viewing your attachments is quite cumbersome when you access your email on the browser because it requires you to download and open the file...