Nokia X3-02 touch and type, a phone in its own world

Nokia X3-02

I have used the Nokia X3-02 touch and type for a while now, and I must say am amazed. This phone is a beauty, actually the guy behind the phone’s architecture should be congratulated.  This is a phone you would just want to walk while holding in your hand. The phone is a 3g phone, before you ask. And its the lightest feature phone i have used with 77.4 grammes.

Feels lightweigh, and is a slim phone. I happen to be using a white one, and purity is what comes out when using it. This phone has a long battery life, you can tweet all day and answer calls on a busy schedule and you will still have enough charge left to play climate mission, a very nice game found on ovi store. (Some info about climate mission) This is a game that gives you info on what specific areas in  the world face enviromentally. Your objective is to solve area specific environmental issues like soil erosion, deforestation waste recycling etc. Also gives you tips on what to find in various areas. The game has several levels of difficulty, am yet to hack some levels. Enough about that.

There are other games that come preinstalled in the Nokia X3-02, and these are:

  • Guitar hero- some guitar simulation where you gain marks for strumming the right cord.
  • Hip hop tour- this one is a dancing stint, where there is a dancer and you gain points by choosing different styles for him to dance. He spins the head too.
  • Memorize- the word says it, you see images and are to memorize and touch the image you had seen in a few seconds ago among other images. That would assist me where fish has failed to boost my memory.

Nokia X3-02

The phone comes with these features:

  1. 3g network
  2. 2.4 inch resistive TFT screen
  3. 50 mb internal memory
  4. SD card slot, supports upto 32 gb
  5. 5 megapixel camera
  6. 3.5mm headphone jack
  7. S40 operating system
  8. Multitasking limited to music

nokia x3-02


This is a phone i would advise anyone to spend their money on. A very reliable feature phone that gives you much for its price range. It is readily available at all outlets in Kenya, in black metallic color . Price is around Kshs. 14k.

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  1. Did you check out the USB-on-the-Go utility; this is just like on the N8. Very sweet at this price point!

    • I see a USB port here, but i cant verify its USB-on-the-go till i have used it myself, the phone box didnt come with the cable though, (Now where did i place my other cable!)
      Will get back to you when i do.

      • Yes, my bad. Usb on the go is covered. Thats a very nice feature that i must confess i have been a beneficiary of for some time now. When blogging and i got my pictures or video recordings on my phone.

  2. does it have USB cable coming with it?  apart from charger and headphones? hat else comes with it?

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