Apple doesnt believe Samsung Galaxy 10.1N redesign went far enough, files for injunction

galaxy tab 10.1 and galaxy tab 10.1N
Galaxy tab 10.1N at the top and tab 10.1 at the bottom
Galaxy tab 10.1N at the top and tab 10.1 at the bottom

Apple wont just let go of Samsung. While Samsung is celebrating that they can finally sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia due to a lift of the previous Injunction, Apple lawyers have already filed to stop the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which was physically modified by Samsung Designers for the German market after 10.1 was fully banned for the market. The Australian injunction reversal does not make Samsung fully safe, as according to Reuters, it gives Apple lawyers to push for an appeal. So the hearing for the Galaxy tab 10.1N case has been scheduled by Düsseldorf Regional Court for December 22 this year.

Apparently, Apple believes that the design modifications didnt go far enough, and call it unfair competition. Both tablets, the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 and the Galaxy tab 10.1N have the same technical specifications, but a slightly different design look. Samsung on the other hand reaffirms that this wont affect the sales of the tablet.