JKUAT Tech Expo is an annual student organized exhibition of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, JKUAT; a student driven innovation expo that aims to expose and provide a forum through which students can interact with the industry by showcasing their projects and project ideas. It’s now being held for the third time with an aim of nurturing and exposing student’s innovation to industry and the general public. This year’s Tech Expo, dubbed Expo 3.0, is guided by the belief that the solution to most of the challenges faced in modern day society lies in harnessing the inherent capabilities, innovations and talents of the modern day youth.

The expo will be held for two days on 1st & 2nd November, 2012 in JKUAT Main Campus

Expo 2.0 Software Category Exhibitions

Previous winners of the last two Expo’s were incubated by JKUAT; via the Research Production and Extension division, and helping transform those research projects and project ideas into fully operational and commercial products. Other success stories related to Expo, include persons who have participated in Expo 1.0 and 2.0 going ahead and joining start-up centers such as the Nai Lab and 88Mph. One of the participants attracted interest from the global arena and was recruited to Twitter Inc after showcasing in Expo 2.0.


Expo 3.0
This year they will handle over 200 projects but only 50 projects in the five main categories shortlisted below will be showcased for the two day event. Each category is expected to have a list of 10 projects which shall be selected from a list of all registered projects via our site www.jkuattechexpo.com. These projects will be presented to a panel of selected judges majorly drawn from the industry and the university teaching staff. Expo 3.0 will aim at ensuring that persons graduating from the university not only do so with certificates but also be innovators in their own right.

Expo 2.0 Project Exhibitions

Categories of Participation:
There are five categories from which students are eligible to compete in. They include: 

1. Software Design: This consists of all the web based system, mobile applications, desktop systems & games submissions.      

2. Embedded Systems: This consists of all the systems that have micro-controller’s components or chips incorporated in them.   
3. Engineering and Architecture: Divided into two sub categories:
Architectural – models that apply technologies that are affordable and eco friendly
Engineering – consist of material designs and machines that simply make work easier for the masses.  

4. Agriculture: This category caters for innovations that really aim on enhancing food  security, animal and plant health etc. This category is important since every nation has  a responsibility of ensuring that her people are fed and that there is adequate food security to ensure productivity and utilization of her resources.

5. Multimedia: This category consists of various artistic productions which can be video, radio, pictures or any other related innovations.

Registration for Expo 3.0 is ongoing, visit http://jkuattechexpo.com or follow @jkuattechexpo on Twitter for more details.
The registration deadline is the 21st of September.
Availed is a PDF detailing the event: About Expo 3.0

JKUAT Vice Chancellor attending Expo 2.0