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State of Tech Layoffs in Kenya and Abroad in 2022

Internet companies around the world have been having a rough time. This has been echoed by the number of layoffs, hiring freeze, and halted...

Home Tech Products That Will Either Go Mainstream or Be Phased Out in the Future

Electronics have found a way to become tightly interwoven in our modern lives. In a typical modern home, you will see a number of...
Eagles forever tech challenge

Kenyan Girls’ Team Enter Finals for Global Tech Challenge

A Kenyan girls' team from Bahati Girls High School, in Nakuru county, comprised of Florah Njoroge, Santuria Karimi, Keren Mwangi Grace Maina and Eunice...

Best Tech Companies to Work For in Kenya are Mainly Multinationals

Companies usually exhibit different workplace cultures and norms and employees find some cultures that are good for them and others are not conducive for...
african women in tech summit

Focus Areas for African Women and Girls in Tech to be Empowered

On September 13 and 14, 2016, nearly 150 digital equality advocates from across Africa and the world gathered in Accra, Ghana for the inaugural...

Think Small…

Take a moment and think back in time. A time when you were starting your business. A time you were talking with your co-founders about the...
Digital Migration

Top Tech Stories in The Local Scene For the Last 6 Months

A number of events have happened in the local tech scene this last six months and as usual we documented the ones we felt...


JKUAT Tech Expo is an annual student organized exhibition of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, JKUAT; a student driven innovation expo that...

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