Samsung: Welcome back to Windows Phone, says Nokia

Nokia Welcomes Samsung

Nokia Welcomes SamsungSamsung announced several devices yesterday at IFA, among them were two statements, these being Samsung Galaxy Note II and we know how the story goes about it. The other is the first Windows Phone 8 device globally. Round of applause to Samsung! The device in question is the Samsung ATIV S smartphone, that looks like it wants to ride on the Galaxy S III wave to gain traction. Quite handy. Now questions and opinions were bound to come as to what this means that Samsung announces a Smartphone running an OS that hasn’t been officially launched. Further, Nokia which has a partnership with Microsoft to make Windows their main Smartphone OS, is yet to launch theirs, primed for the 5th of September.

ATIV has sure made tongues wag, it’s a disruption, and this was not going to pass Nokia also. As usual we expect Nokia to try to beat Samsung with a product offering to maintain top spot in Windows phone. (You remember how that story went where Nokia was ousted from top spot in total device shipments and smartphone sales? Good!) Now this image was posted to twitter by Doug Dawson, Nokia head of media relations saying Nokia welcomes Samsung to Windows Phone. Pretty good notion, it’s an appreciation of Samsung selling a device on Windows phone, a gesture that is expected to make Windows phone a strong footing. Samsung is quite strong in the market, and selling devices would mean creating a competitive environment around Windows phone, a good thing for both Nokia and Microsoft in that more numbers means a more stronger Windows phone ecosystem. Means more sales to Nokia too. Everyone’s happy.

Now Doug went further to show that he wasnt intent on giving Sammy so much credit,  added a twee somewhere that being first does not necessarily equal best:


So now we have exactly 6 days before we see what comes off Nokia factories. Which one among them do you think will outdo the other, and will this move by Samsung supercharge Windows phone? What’s your take?


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