Up the Table mountains with Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III

Garnett Red Galaxy S III

I had my first moments with the Garnet Red Galaxy S III this week, that was actually on Thursday, a few hours before the Galaxy Note II Global Tour, Cape Town. One of the attendees for the event, a Vodafone employee from Tanzania happened to be a  proud owner of one. As you might have known, the Garnett Red version is a bit rare in many regions. That’s why I decided to take the beauty for a photoshoot, just to savour those few moments with it. The shoot was some thousands of feet above the sea level in Cape Town at the famous Table Mountains. They told me it would be cold when I go up there, but apparently I had a reason not to. They serve good coffee up there at the Table Mountain Cafe though. And here goes:

Garnett Red Galaxy S III

As you can see it looks quite elegant, tell you a story. The same Garnet Red Galaxy S III owner told us of a certain moment where a persistent Galaxy S III owner was wishing to get him to switch the Garnet Red for his Marble White version. Marble While version is fancy too, that’s what I picked earlier for mine, by then the Garnet Red version was only available exclusively for AT & T customers, so that was not an option. So this guy gets pestered to switch his phone. The one pestering even reached a point of offering $300 on top to get the Garnet Red Galaxy S III, but the other guy wouldnt be moved. He reached a point of even adding “leave me alone” and almost ran away(well that was the expression in his story telling, but it got through across to us listeners).

So clearly I wasnt the only one who was awed by the nice colour, you know Red would go well with ladies, but Garnet Red is almost royal. See other photos below here and tell me if you like it too.


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