Exclusive: AT&T Users will get the Garnet Red Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III Garnet Red

Galaxy S III Garnet RedAT&T has announced that users will be able to pre-order Samsung Galaxy S III devices in exclusively red colour.During launch the phone was announced in only two colours, Pebble Blue and Marble white, but it was said to be available later on in other colours. Garnet Red is another colour. AT&T users will get this on preorders that will start from 15th of July, that’s this Sunday, and availability in the physical AT&T stores later on the 29th of the same month.

Samsung seems to invent their colours, like the pebble blue, and now Garnet Red, Marble white is a more common colour, but it would be amazing to look at the Galaxy S III in Garnet Red colour, looks stunning. I have just one question for you, would you wish to get the Galaxy S III in this colour?


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