Nokia Lumia 510 comes out of hiding

Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia Lumia 510From unconfirmed reports late last month, the Nokia Lumia 510 was expected to be launched anytime this quarter. Lumia 510 was Nokia’s idea of capturing the low end Windows phone market. Lumia 510 has since become official, and we have the phone specs as below:

Operating System Windows Phone 7.5
Display 4-inch WVGA 800×480
Capacitive Touch Screen
Battery 1300 mAh
Processor Snapdragon(TM) S1
Main camera 5MP Autofocus VGA@30fps
Memory 256MB RAM
4GB mass memory (no memory card slot)
7GB free SkyDrive storage

This device is headed to the East, starting with India and China on November 2012 while  South America and Asia Pacific countries get it a bit later. No mention whatsoever of other markets, looks like Nokia is comfortable with Europe and North Americas getting devices higher up the food chain. Also since it will launch on Windows 7.5, we might not really expect these upper markets to be pleased with it considering the two recent Lumias that launched, the Lumia 920 and 820 obviously going to be available before Christmas in these markets running Windows 8. Lumia 510 will come with red, yellow, cyan, white and black colours and pricing will be around $199 excluding taxes.