Deal Alert! Get Need For Speed Most Wanted Free on Samsung Apps

NFS Most Wanted free

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Are you a gamer, do you have Need for Speed Most wanted, do you have a Samsung Android phone? If you answer yes to these three questions, you are gonna be headed to Samsung apps store on your smartphone and search for Need For Speed Most wanted which is now free. Samsung Apps works differently from Google play, so you cant download remotely unless you use KIES. My advice is you search for it on the phone.

This game is priced at roughly $5 so you will be saving. I always advice people to download these apps when they are free even if you dont have the immediate need. You can then archive it when you need to free up phone storage and still have the game when it’s no-longer free.

That is of-course it maters to you saving that 5 dollars. Don’t worry about revenues for the developer for such a moment as they have entered into a deal with the store owner, in this case Samsung and they will be compensated somehow. So get downloading and tell me your experience or if you did indeed benefit from this piece of information in the comments below.