Samsung Galaxy S 4 Swaddle ad shows how to be a great dad

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Swaddle ad

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Swaddle ad

Samsung’s newest ad shows how one can be a great dad courtesy of the Galaxy S 4’s features. The ad which is quite an interesting one shows how one can use some of the features on the Galaxy S 4. In the video the dad actually answers the call using air call accept setting of the Air Gesture feature. He then finds himself in the dilemma of how to swaddle a baby.

This is where he asks S Voice to Google how to videos on how to swaddle a baby, on clicking to start, he is able to follow the steps one by one as the Smart Pause setting of Smart Screen Feature works perfectly by pausing when he looks away from the phone to apply the steps. And in the end he is the super-dad with things done perfectly the way the mom would want them done. I have personally tested the Smart Pause feature and it actually works, just that the lighting needs to be optimal for this to be effective.

See video below:


  1. By the time you get a son to play these tricks won’t the Galaxy S 4 have run out of fashion?

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