Donkey before Cart; LG unveils cases for un-announced LG G2

LG G2 Quick Windows Cases

LG G2 Quick Windows Cases

Remember the S View case from Samsung that were made initially for the Galaxy S 4? Well now look at the photo up here in this post. Anything similar? There is that saying about imitation and flattery. Now let’s move on swiftly.

These covers are for the yet to be announced LG G2 that is expected to come out on August 7th in New York. Does New York remind you of something? Again, let’s move on. The LG G2 is the next flagship of LG in the G series, you remember how LG divided their phone series categories? These being Optimus G series, Optimus L Series, Optimus Vu Series and Optimus F Series. G is the flagship device series, like the Galaxy.

The device has already been teased in video for the New York Launch and they interestingly have press out about the cases for the device. They then named it Quick view, they always do when they need to copy an S thing, remember S memo (Quick Memo) or S Voice (Quick Voice which was later renamed to Q Voice)?

Well I did that once, got the Galaxy S 4 case before the Galaxy S 4, but I am a consumer, not a product manager. I wonder what LG were thinking here, or is it just a way to get us talking?


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