Nokia’s Sirius Tablet May Never See Light of Day After All

Nokia Asha 210

Some of us are still reeling from the shock that was news that Nokia’s handset business had been acquired by Microsoft. Still we are hoping that the Finnish device maker will bow out in style with some yet to be announced cool products. Like a tablet, a phablet maybe. And that device coming up on the 22nd, the rumoured Lumia 1520. The wishlist is rather long. May be some of those will never see the light of day. At least that is what one industry insider Eldar Murtazin has revealed through his Twitter account.

nokia tablet plans could be jeopardized by MS

Murtazin notes that Microsoft could be dictating things even before the deal is approved for its expected takeover of Nokia Devices and Services. Top on the axe line are Nokia’s long time rumoured tablet codenamed Sirius which was expected to be running Windows RT. Not so surprising though is news that several Nokia Asha devices that were also in the pipeline could also be halted and never make it to the hands of consumers later this year as intended. Microsoft has always focused on those consumers high up in the food chain with its Lumia line of devices and was expected to change its stance now that they also stand to take over the Asha line from Nokia in the $7 billion deal announced a few days ago.

Whether this is true or not we’ll only wait to see since it is coming from an insider who has always been reliable. Both news could be highly true. More Asha devices could be directly conflicting with the plans Microsoft has once the acquisition is finalized while a Nokia Windows RT tablet will directly compete with Microsoft’s own refreshed Surface 2 tablet that is expected to pick from where the Surface RT left and could be announced on September 23rd.