Asus and Acer Mulling a Merger

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Acer has been in the news recently because of its Liquid S2 smartphone which has added a lot of credibility to the company’s ability to still churn out stand out devices. Asus is already well known for sleek tablets though its efforts in phones are yet to attract the attention of Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones or play at the level that Nokia has been. But it is somewhere up there already. Design-wise, Asus makes some of the best tablets you’ll ever come across. In the personal computing field, both companies are head-to-head with some decent hardware. Asus ultrabooks are great and so are Acer Chromebooks and laptops. Now reports are coming in that the two are mulling a merger.


The heads of both companies have not denied suggestions that they merge in public and have commented positively meaning something could be in the oven. Still that will only be true if it materializes. According to China Times, it is Asus who are pushing for a possible merger with its Chairman being quoted as saying that they are keeping an open mind and are ready for any eventuality. Acer is also said to be interested in a merger though the two companies are yet to agree on anything. Since they all realize the need to merge and be a much stronger force, we could see this deal going down in the near future since both companies have great products in the pipeline and can take the industry even farther than they are pushing currently. Remember it is Asus that has been making the much loved Nexus 7 tablets and is on course to delivering this year’s Nexus 10.


It is a season of acquisitions and mergers in the tech world with many deals going down recently. Google acquiring Motorola Mobility last year turned many heads. So has been the decision by Nokia to sell its handset business to Microsoft. Most recently, we are still digesting news of Blackberry’s buyout by Fairfax.

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