Samsung’s Galaxy S Series to be Rivaled by New Galaxy F Series?

Galaxy S 4 mini colours

Every device manufacturer has a tag for its premium devices and different ones for its midrange and low end devices. That has been the case with Samsung, LG and HTC. For Samsung, the Galaxy S device line is reserved for the yearly flagship devices while the midrange and lower devices follow in the pecking order with their own names after the universal Galaxy branding. We’ve seen the midrange Galaxy Ace and the low end Galaxy Pocket for instance. Over at LG things have been much the same until recently when LG decided to drop the ‘Optimus’ moniker from its device naming convention. Previously we had the Optimus L series being for midrange and low end devices and the Optimus G being the flagships’ exclusive club name. HTC has retained its Desire series for midrange devices while the high end devices tag along under the One branding. New reports that Samsung has another series in the making: F.


The Galaxy S series has been a huge success with over 20 million of last year’s S flagship device, the Galaxy S III reportedly being sold in the first 100 days of the device’s availabilty. The Galaxy S4 does not have very updated numbers to back up its uptake but you can be sure it has performed too. So why would we see another Galaxy series introduced for high end devices? That is for Samsung to answer. For now all we know is that the F series could be a preserve of premium Samsung smartphones and the first such devices could be out as early as March next year.

According to Sammobile, these F devices will be what can be referred to as “super-premium” devices. They’ll pack the latest and the greatest specs, dorn that metal design folks have been crying for and have a camera sensor to take on the likes of Sony’s 20.7 MP camera found on the Xperia Z1. The focus with this shooter isn’t expected to be in the megapixel race but quality. Better low light photos, Optical Image Stabilization and the like will be the key features. Pricing is also expected to be on the higher side. Higher than current prices of Galaxy S and Note devices. With many exclusive features, they are expected to be available in small numbers since mass production will be preserved for the already popular Galaxy S series. There are those who think (and I am in concurrence with them) that the Galaxy F series could be a spin-off of the Galaxy S but only targeted for the last financial quarter where Samsung’s compatitors usually have devices to unveil for the high end market segment while Samsung has none and has to wait till March, April and May in order to avail another flagship device. That makes a lot of sense. Remember that Galaxy Nexus Premier you couldn’t place anywhere last year? This could be its family that is being made.

The project to bring the rumoured F line is named ‘Project F’ and could be one of the reasons why Korean media speculate that the new line of super-premium Samsung devices will be named Galaxy F. That could change so expect to hear of anything going forward.


The Galaxy F could as well be a replacement of the Galaxy S series though I hope it is not. All this is speculation from inside sources so while you open your eyes and ears you also need some pinch of salt by your side 🙂



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