Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat coming on October 24th [UPDATE: Not Really]


Finally Google is ready to show us what we already know on the 24th of this month. Mark the date, that is when KitKat officially comes to the world through the LG made Nexus 5.

google play event invite october 24th

Talking of the Nexus 5, as I earlier speculated that we would see a white version of the device, it seems I was not off the mark. The white Nexus 5 also exists. Some new shots from the wild that first leaked on Facebook and were later reposted on Google Plus duly confirm this. Also, the packaging is no longer a secret. See below

Nexus 5 packaging

White Nexus 5 packaging




Apparently there won’t be any hardware showcased at the event. Primary focus will be on the Google Play Store alone. Yeah, I can hear those hearts skipping bits. Maybe Google has some surprises for us, you never know.

Source: AP