Tizen 3.0 will have 64-bit architecture support, likely ahead of Android



While Tizen 2.2.1 was announced just before the start of the Tizen Developer Conference which started early today, developers were let in on the major overhaul the platform will be getting with the next update, Tizen 3.0.

These changes are:

  • Multi-user support
  • 64-bit support
  • A new 3D UI framework which will translate to a much better looking UI and pretty fast apps
  • Tizen Mobile Lite
  • A new HTML 5 application runtime called Crosswalk

It is not yet clear as to whether we will see Tizen 3.0 officially unveiled and available in the early release Tizen devices that are expected to be announced as early as in February 2014 or if it will come much later in the year as an update. However, the above and more are all added features that will come with Tizen 3.0. If indeed Tizen 3.0 is announced right on time so that it will be bundled with the first mass market Tizen devices early next year then that will make it the first platform since the optimized iOS 7 to have native support for 64 bit computing. Tizen-based devices will also join the league of the iPhone 5s before others follow later in the year.

I find it funny that Tizen has been undergoing all these developments without having some devices out with users and it has even reached version 3. I guess that is the price one pays for perfection since we all remember how Android felt like an awful iOS rip off in its early 1.x days.