Google News mobile website getting its biggest redesign on Android and iOS devices


The week ended has been clouded by news of the passing of one of the greatest men of our time, former South African President Nelson Mandela. Such news and many more like of that guy who bought an Xbox one photo for a cool  £450 on eBay or the latest on how the NSA is reading the latest newsletter in your inbox can only be well delivered effectively and in a nice way either on news and content aggregating apps like Flipboard, Pulse, Taptu, the new Google Play Newsstand or if you just want them on your browser of choice, through Google News. At least that applies to me. Google News is usually my first port of call every morning when I wake up. On the phone. Saves me a tonne of mobile data and is up to date and starting today, it is getting its biggest redesign ever.

This is how Google News looks like on mobile today

google news mobile old


This is how it will look like on mobile going forward

Google news mobile website new

What will be new in the redesigned Google News mobile site? A host of features including the ability to change themes. I’m usually a fan of the dark theme when reading in low lighting like say in bed or in public transport at night or early in the morning and this is one welcome addition. It is one of those reasons that I keep Pulse reader. The redesign also brings to the mobile site Google’s beloved new card interface with news items being presented in card format for easier navigation. Google has recently been pushing its social networking site Google+ alot (as seen by the recent introduction of Google+ comments on YouTube) and the changes to the Google News mobile website also mean that Google+ will be more visible than ever before with the related comments on a story being featured at the bottom right after the news article itself. This has been the case on the desktop version of the site and it will join the “Editor’s Picks” section which I usually find handy on the mobile site.

The redesign seems to be rolling out in phases since I’m still accessing the old interface but you should get the new looks soon. The redesign is only for iOS and Android devices. Those of you with Windows Phone devices will continue seeing the same old interface when reading news. Anyway you don’t even have Chrome so there are more pressing matters at hand than a mere site redesign.


Source: Google