First Photos of Galaxy S5 Terminal at Heathrow Emerge

Terminal Galaxy S5

Samsung announced in a press release that the company would be taking over the branding of Heathrow Terminal 5 for a whole two weeks. Every billboard, digital signage and direction signs now have Galaxy S5 adverts inorder “to maximise brand impact” and “push boundaries like no other brand has been allowed to do before”.

Samsung is by now known to go the extra mile to have people talking about their brand, clearly exhibited when the company got Ellen De Generes to endorse the Galaxy Note 3 in one of the biggest showbiz events. This is what turned out to be the most retweeted tweet ever that was trolled by the big names in mobile like Nokia, LG and Lenovo. They’ve also gone ahead to trick Obama into taking a Samsung selfie and other presidents in the mix like Uganda’s and Kenya’s presidents.

Samsung HeathrowNow Heathrow is the newest boundaries push that starts today. Pocket-lint personnel were travelling via the terminal and got the images of the Heathrow Terminal 5 which is now branded Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5. This is naturally a way to immerse travellers who are in their hundreds of thousands into their new flagship device as there are ads on the same all over.

Source: Pocket-lint


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