Nokia’s New Mystery Brand Ambassador – Kenya Is Quite The Hands On Type

Nokia Brand

Nokia BrandI am that guy who spoils the party just when it’s about to begin, once in a while. Nokia has a new brand ambassador in Kenya. But they have not announced it yet, neither has the brand ambassador come out public. But the person will in due time. And that’s where the mystery is for now, because we are already pulling an LG, we will go as far as that, guesses be upon you.

Now the person is quite different from what has been the case with brand ambassadors for brands. It has always been about you being seen to be doing things but mostly the guy knows so little about the brand they are endorsing. Of course this is a welcome change, you want the guy endorsing your brand to know how to use a new feature on the phone that is supposed to be a key selling point. And while at it talk about those features underneath wherever they attend events and meet people.

You want the brand ambassador to know the key selling points of the product and talk about them.

Passion too goes quite a long way in the making of a brand ambassador, you know, you can’t have a brand ambassador ranting on social media about the same brand they are endorsing. You want that person to drink in to the ecosystem and know every corner within and around. That goes on to become useful where conversations are being held and the person turns informative to the crowd. Way to go Microsoft Devices East Africa (that will take long to get used to).

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