Samsung Trolls Manchester United On Their Loss Against MK Dons

Manchester United defeat

that sucksManchester United on Monday suffered a humiliating defeat against League One side MK Dons. This follows a rather bad performance in the first two games of the premier league which are the exact opposite of their pre-season campaign.

Now as Manchester suffers all these defeats and the humiliation that comes with them, including goal score by an Arsenal player who is on loan, Benik Afobe, fans on social media suffered from ridicule by both fans of other teams and bystanders who got wind of the situation. Samsung not to be left out, also jumped in on the fun. Samsung sponsors Chelsea FC which is Manchester United’s arch-rival, and this feels good for the blue company.

Samsung UK posted on twitter, and I quote, “When the other team wipes the floor with you (like an awesome vacuum cleaner). #thatsucks

This is not unusual for sports people to be trolled by brands on social media. Happens every once in a while.

Luis Suarez Bite SnickersSuarez was the butt of many jokes recently at the World Cup when he bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during game play, and that included brands like Snickers who called their product satisfying than Italian.

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