Samsung joins the iPhone 6 Plus mock train


Sony was there already and did it. Samsung is following suit. Seriously, we all expected this sooner or later and it didn’t take long before Samsung Mobile Philippines gave us something to smile about.

Apple just launched its new phablet, the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. It is not a sin to have a bigger smartphone. Heck, everyone has been doing it. However, you simply invite these jabs and many more that have rocked the internet since the 6 Plus wet live when your much respected founder goes on the record saying large phones are absurd and you throw your weight around such a statement for over four consecutive years. If you remember well, the same was the case with the iPad mini. Apple had for long insisted that 9.7 inches was the sweet spot for a tablet and that no users would bother with anything less than that as it ruined the usability. Fast forward to two years ago and the iPad mini became a reality and a third generation is already in the offing.

It is this apparent lack of consistency that Samsung is poking fun at and they do have a point! Samsung has been in the phablet category for the last four years and since it was the pioneer of smartphones with displays bigger than 5 inches, it has quite a history.

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