Xiaomi Taunts iPhone 6 For Camera Bumps

Xiaomi poking fun apple

Xiaomi poking fun apple We live for days like these, when smartphone vendors decide they have some time in their hands out of their rigorous schedule of production and research for the next killer smartphone to taunt each other. This time it’s Xiaomi throwing jabs at Apple, after success driven by copying Apple smartphones, the mobile phone vendor has the audacity to poke fun at Apple’s iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 launched with a camera bump, quite noticeable and one that looks ridiculous. Xiaomi later on launched a smartphone with a close design, but with no camera bump. In the video they show an “innovation” in the form of a sauce pan that prods the iPhone 6 to become the bump-less Xiaomi Mi Note.

Xiaomi has upset many vendors with it’s fast rise, but taunting the iPhone which went on to propel Apple to be a better smartphone seller in Xiaomi’s home country China, a market they had formerly conquered is an interesting one. See for yourself the video below.