SmartWatch Wars: Difference Between Apple Watch and Rivals

Apple Watch

Apple WatchYesterday we told you of the newly launched Apple Watch. Just how different is the Apple Watch from the other smart Watches running Android and especially the very popular Samsung Gear watches? Firstly, there are no major differences between the two. Infact, the devices Apple Watch aped Android devices on aspects such as notifications and the delivery of health and fitness solutions to the users.  However, there are fundamental differences between them.

The Crown

Keeping up with the good old traditions of the Swiss in watch making, the Apple Watch comes with a crown that serves as the alternative for scrolling if one opts not to use the touchscreen. Majority of the Android watches and the overly independent pebble do not have a crown and instead use the touchscreen. The crown also allows the user to zoom.


Forbes called the The Apple Watch a “nice-to-have” accessory but not a “must-have.  The pricing point of the Apple Watch is way above the others with Samsung’s Gear S which has some very neat specifications retailing for $329.  Pebbles go for $99 and $199, Sony for $139.


Payments is likely to be the next battlefront in technology with the traditional card companies working to retain a huge slice of the market while other services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet and Square launch and continually gain meaningful users. The Apple Watch allows for users to pay for services. The user needs to wave their wrists near an NFC enabled terminal.


The Android smart watches allow users to view the apps they have in a list and grid view but one has to scroll to see them all. The Apple Watch on the other hand allows the user to view all the Apps in a single grid. Apps also come with the force touch feature where by hard or soft pressing, users are able to perform different actions such as launch the apps or launch a menu in an app.