Roommates Stab Each Other Over Android-iPhone Debate


Android or iPhone – which smartphone is the baddest? Before you jump right in, may it be known to you that two men right now somewhere in Oklahoma US are nursing deep stab wounds for venturing into that debate. One Elias Acevedo and fellow compatriot Jiaro Mendez on Tuesday last week got into a physical fight that saw a beer bottle get smashed on Mendez’s head over what Police say was an Android vs Apple argument.

According to Oklahoma Police, the two  were on their apartment parking lot gobbling beer when they “started arguing about which phone was better, the iPhone or the Android.” But it seems they couldn’t agree on a number of key facts and specs of both phones before Elias hit Mendez on the head with a beer bottle and went on to steal his car. We don’t know exactly between the two who is the Apple fan and who is the Androider.


Elias didnt escape unhurt as he too sustained some serious cuts inflicted by broken beer bottles. Both men were hospitalized and have since been released from hospital after their injuries were deemed not life-threatening. They  are, however, currently in jail awaiting to answer to assault charges. Let’s just say the two for now will be using the jail pay phone after which they can go back to their cell phones and determine-once and for all-which smartphone is the baddest.

source: cnet


  1. For the record I think its dumb to take an argument that far. That said, Apple is a premium product or so is the way it has positioned itself in the market, Android on the other hand is a mainstream device..what we would call average. Say Apple is the BMW and Android the Toyotas.

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