Google Trends Gets Realtime Reporting; Features Not Available in Kenya Yet

Google Trends

Google TrendsGoogle has updated its trends homepage with a new design and real time tracking which will help journalists, researchers or social media managers track trends in real time. The search giant says that the changes were based on feedback they received and now people can explore the data which is generated from the massive search queries that are requested on the site every month.

The new look is reminiscent of Android Lollipop design language (Material design) with the classic hamburger looking icon at the top left and the flat UI. On the page, there is a list of real time trending stories that are being searched on Google and now in addition, users can check trending videos from YouTube and Google News. The company calls it “story-centric” homepage where featured stories and trending stories are combined to one page so as to offer better insight of what people are talking about in a specific geographical location. Google’s News Lab team will also track trending topics every day and identify interesting snippets of data that will give life to the news stories that are generated

Right now the new features are only available in 28 countries. In Kenya, you can view the new design but you cannot view real time trends on Google Search or in YouTube. The company has promised to add more locations all over the world in the coming months.

Google gets 100 billion search queries every month and this new update on Google Trends is welcome since the amount of data the company gets will be able to generate accurate trends of a location, which will be used by social media strategists and journalists to track trends more effectively.