8 Reasons to Fully Engage Potential Customers Online


5562911631_e2280b74b3_b According to a report by SDL, the average attention span of a consumer has dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to only 8 seconds currently. This is due to the sheer amount of quantity people internet users are bombarded nowadays through several platforms on the internet. This report has “broken” down those 8 seconds so as to enable marketers engage fully with potential customers on the internet.

  1. Language

The world is a global village, they say but that does not mean language barriers are still not there. Apparently, only 27% of internet users speak English and this means marketers need to understand the most common language of the target audience so as to derive maximum engagement.

  1. Channel

It is imperative for the market to have multiple interactions with consumers across several platforms. According to the report, 90% of consumers expect consistency among the platforms marketers are in, which means not updating a post one platform way later than the other. This kind of disjointed behavior will drive away potential customers

  1. Relevance

Gather enough data from the target market so as to develop content that is meaningful to them. This practice will foster your relationship between your brand and the customers and this will increase the number of referrals by those people to others to your brand.

  1. Personalization

Tailoring your content to improve your customer service experience is important since it shows that you value them.

  1. Experience

Current and potential customers want to have a good experience when engaged to market, so the engagement experience is important. Oracle found that 89% of consumers started doing business with a competitor following a poor experience. Consumers online are very mobile, offer a bad experience and they will shift in a moment’s notice

  1. Incentives

Nielsen found that 84% of consumers started that there were more likely to choose retailers that offered a loyalty program. Incentives like loyalty programs and bundled offers make potential online customers become more engaged to you.

  1. Reputation

Reputation is a very important aspect of your online presence. According to CMO Council, 56% of companies describe themselves as customer-centric, but just 12% of their customers agree. From that data, you can see what you think your reputation is, is not necessarily what your customers agree. You can remedy this by developing an online questionnaire which seeks to ascertain the quality of customer service delivered.

  1. Knowledge

If a marketer has been able to fully engage online customers, these customers will be more inclined to learn more about your products or even the company itself. 72% of consumers will use multiple devices when making purchases so, having sufficient knowledge about your products will make those potential customers be more inclined to buy your products.

The report also contains a context engine which is a formula that will be used to deliver compelling experiences to the consumer.